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We are passionate farmers and do not only offer our products to our house guests. The whole family helps and you can find out everything to do with meat, milk, fruit and grain with us, taste it and take it with you. This is how Upper Carinthia tastes!
We are happy to design snack platters and buffets for your celebration.

Meat products

Bacon, sausages, salami, ham and minced meat are waiting for you in our storage. The meat from our own farm is smoked with the wood and leaves from our own forest and left alone until you can enjoy it.

Now it is waiting for connoisseurs!

Bread, brandy and jams

What could be nicer than a freshly baked farmer's bread, the scent of which fills the whole house? We bake fresh for you ...

Of course we also process our fruit. From various jams and fruit liqueurs to the fruit brandies of plum, pear and apple, you can get everything from the fruit with us ...

Dairy products

You can get a lot of what you can produce from milk from us. Many forms of milk, cheese, butter and curd cheese. Healthy and tasty, that's how we try to work.

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